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PS3-22 Pushbutton Switches


Circuit: double pole single throw DPST
Switching Function: alternate or momentary-on
Power Rating:  10A 250VAC TV-8 (UL, CSA).  8A/125A 250 VAC~ T85(D, FI, S)
Inrush Current: 128A/125VAC for 4ms duration
Contact Resistance: 100 milliohms max. @ initial
Insulation Resistance: 500 megaohms min. @ 500VDC
Dielectric Strength:  2,000VAC for 1 minute (terminal to terminal), 3,800VAC for 1minute (cover to terminal)
Electrical Life: 25,000 operations for TV switches
Terminal: PCB pin or solder
Operation Force: 300-700g
Weight: 17g
Ambient Temperature: -0 to +85C
Safety Standard Approval: CSA, DEMKO, NEMKO, SEMKO, SETI, UL, VDE

RoHS Compliant: yes
Manufacture: Solteam

Material List

Top Cover: zinc plated iron
Actuator Locking Tip: nickel plated spring steel
Actuator: polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)
Spring: stainless steel wire
Support Plate: nickel plated iron
Stationary Contact: silver plated copper alloy
Movable Contact: silver plated copper alloy
Movable Contact Arm: silver plated phosphor bronze
Support Plate: silver plated phosphor bronze
Spring Plate: phosphor bronze
Fixed Contact Terminal: tin plated copper
Fulcrum Terminal: tin plated copper
Base: phenol

Catalog Sheet


P/N: PS3-22-W3AV
(alternate, normally open)
P/N: PS3-22-W3AVN
P/N: PS3-22-P3AV
(alternate, normally open)
P/N: PS3-22-P3AVN
PS3_22_P3AV  push-on push-off pushbutton switches with PC pins
Alternate: push-on push-off
Momentary-on: push-to-make, normally open
PS3-22 series pushbutton switches are designed to ensure prolonged switch life and maximum operating reliability.  The switches are targeted at applications in desk computer and TV products.  Currently used by major electronic companies, the switches are TV8 rated.  Standard feature includes the molded-in epoxy-seal terminals that prevent the entry of contaminants during soldering.  The switches are available in double-pole single-throw and momentary on or alternate action configurations.