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PS-5 Push Button Switch

Circuitry: DPST
Switching Function: alternate or momentary-on
Power Rating: 8A 250VAC TV-8 120VAC (UL, CSA).  4A/128A 250VAC~ T85 (DEMKO, FI, NEMKO, SEMKO, VDE)
Inrush Current: 128A/250VAC for 4ms duration
Contact Resistance: 20 milliohms max. @ initial
Insulation Resistance: 500 megaohms min. @ 500VDC
Dielectric Strength:  2,000VAC for 1 minute (terminal to terminal).  3,800VAC for 1 minute (cover to terminal)
Electrical Life: 25,000 operations for TV switches
Operation Force: 300-600g
Push Stroke: 4 mm (full) 2.5 mm (lock)
Weight: 11g
Ambient Temperature: -0 to +85C
Safety Standard Approval: CSA(77849), DEMKO(307252), NEMKO(P97102853), SEMKO(9749130/01, SETI(198237-01), UL(E148157), VDE(86990)

RoHS Compliant: yes
Manufacture: Solteam Electronics

Material List
Actuator: polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)
Base: phenol
Top Cover: zinc plated iron
Fixed Contact Terminal: tin plated copper
Fulcrum Terminal: tin plated copper
Spring Plate: phosphor bronze
Movable Contact Arm: silver plated phosphor bronze
Support Plate: silver plated phosphor bronze
Stationary Contact: silver plated copper alloy
Movable Contact: silver plated copper alloy
Spring: Stainless steel wire
Fixed Framework: iron
Actuator Locking Tip: nickel plated spring steel

Catalog Sheet

PS5_P8AV low profile self-latch pushbutton switches