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DR Rocker Switches

Circuitry: double pole double throw, DPDT
Switching Function: on-off-on, on-on, (on)-off-on and (on)-off-(on)
Power Rating: 10A/125VAC, 8A/250VAC (CSA, UL); 4A/250VAC (NEMKO)
Contact Resistance: 20 milliohms max. @ initial
Insulation Resistance: 500 megaohms min. @ 500VDC
Dielectric Strength: 2,000VAC for 1 minute
Electrical Life: 6,000 operations
Terminal: quick connect
Operation Force: 500+200g
Color: black
Approval: CSA certified, NEMKO approved, UL recognized
Manufacture: Solteam


P/N: DR-32E-BB
P/N: DR-72A-BB
P/N: DR-42A-BB
(on): denotes momentary contact

DR double pole rocker switch - dimension drawing

DPDT: double pole double throw
QC: quick connect (terminal)
(on): denotes momentary contact
Momentary: The circuit is either opened, or closed, only as long as the switch is actuated